Emili Castells at WordCamp Cantabria 2015

I’m a WordPress developer with over 15 years of experience in making web pages.

I love WordPress and its community, I think that everything you do for the community will come back to you multiplied. So I try to attend as many WordCamps as I can. I first got to know them in 2015, and met many people there. It was 100% positive in many aspects, you learn a lot and it’s the best place for getting feedback and help about your WordPress stuff.

WordCamp Cantabria 2015
WordCamp Barcelona 2015

About me

Initially trained in graphic design, I started my career in 1999 when I learned Flash and then used it for many years in conjunction with HTML. The arrival of ActionScript 2 sparked my interest for programming, and with AS3 I started learning about Object-oriented programming, PHP and JavaScript. With the release of the first iPhone, things began to change and I left Flash aside to focus on WordPress and Front-End (Responsive design, HTML5 + CSS3 + jQuery).

I’ve been drawing since I was a child, you can see some of my drawings in Pinterest.