DK PDF Generator lets you choose pages and posts (including custom post types) in order to create a PDF file from them. You can also add a cover and table of contents (with interactive links) to your PDF file.

¿Who is DK PDF Generator useful for?

Content Creators

Do you need to create a PDF eBook with a selection of your articles? DK PDF Generator is the perfect tool for you. See eBook example.

Product Documentation

You can use a documentation creation plugin such as Docu (I created it and it is free) to generate PDF documents with your product documentation. See Documentation example.

New in 1.3 Select categories with date ranges

Select post categories with date ranges.

Select post categories with date ranges.

Important Note: Before purchase DK PDF Generator please install DK PDF (free) to see if PDF generation works in your server also with your plugins and theme. That ensures that DK PDF Generator will work in your environment before purchase it.